MagnetoSpeed Riflekühl - Barrel Cooler Solution


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MagnetoSpeed Riflekühl - Efficient Barrel Cooling Solution for Uninterrupted Shooting

The MagnetoSpeed Riflekühl barrel cooler is specifically designed to help you spend less time waiting for your rifle to cool down and more time enjoying your shooting sessions. With a turbocharger-inspired impeller, it provides powerful airflow in a compact package to cool your rifle's barrel rapidly, typically in under 7 minutes.

Powered by a single CR123A lithium battery (included), the Riflekühl forces ambient air through its extendable nozzle and down the bore, efficiently cooling the barrel. It also serves as a chamber flag with its easily visible red body.

The built-in replaceable dust filter (50 microns) prevents dust and dirt from entering your rifle, while the strong neodymium magnet ensures secure attachment to the chamber. The spring-loaded retractable nozzle offers convenient storage, and the included belt/pocket clip ensures easy carrying. Experience quick and efficient rifle cooling with the MagnetoSpeed Riflekühl Barrel Cooler.

Key Features:

  • Replaceable dust filter (50 microns) for clean airflow
  • Neodymium magnet for secure attachment
  • Included CR123 lithium battery for long-lasting use
  • Spring-loaded retractable nozzle for compact storage
  • Belt/pocket clip for easy transport
  • Chamber seal for enhanced cooling efficiency
  • Red body that doubles as a chamber flag

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